The beautiful Manche region

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With historical Norman roots, Saint-Lô is the principal town of Normandy's Manche department. Regional highlights include the ferry port of Cherbourg, Caen and the D-Day landing beaches, and further south the pretty seaside town Granville, not forgetting the island and abbey at Mont Saint-Michel, a UNESCO site and one of France's most popular tourist attractions.

Complementing the beaches, cliffs and marshlands that typify its coastline, inland Manche boast rolling green countryside with plenty of woodland and open fields. Combined with the outdoorsy lifestyle and easy access to the UK, the appeal for property-hunters there lies in the choice of affordable character homes that can be found in its pretty villages. Many of the houses, much like Ant's family home, come with land, as well as outbuildings. Stone farmhouses or traditional 'longeres' and the slightly grander 'maisons de maître'areespecially popular.

The coast with ports

Discover a bocage landscape and within 15-minute drive the coastal region of La Manche.

Our region is a destination that is popular thanks to its seaside cities such as Agon-Coutainville, Gouville-sur-mer, the ports Regnévill, Blainville and Geffosses and offers a variety of lush landscapes. The region possesses a great patrimonial and cultural wealth, including one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in France. Download the PDF at the end of this page with detailed information of all attractions in our region. 

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A magical island with the largest tide difference in Europe and a beautiful abbey. In 45 minutes drive from Formidable and via a beautiful route you can expect an unforgettable experience, Le Mont-Saint-Michel. The abbey is one of the first cultural sites visited in France.

Tip: You can have a great lunch there and enjoy the very special omelette from restaurant de la Mère Pouland. Make a reservation in advance.



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At a 30-minute drive of Formidable you can visit Granville. The city offers breath-taking views of the bay of Mont Saint-Michel from the fortified headland.

Enjoy the wonderful array of harbours, neighbourhoods and beaches of this invigorating resort, plus its museums, one of which is dedicated to Cristian Dior, who worked here. Definitely go see the garden, admission free.

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Visit the city centre with flea and antique markets, cozy shop states and restaurants where you can taste the fresh caught fish dishes and tastiest crepes (recommended crepe Calvados).


Ferries from Granville maintain a connection with the magical archipelago of the Chausey Islands and the Channel Islands.

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Sainte-Marie-du-Mont - UTAH BEACH D-Day museum

At a 45-minute drive you can visit the landing beaches Utah Beach. In this place the world changed on 6 June 1944. This landing sector stretched from Sainte-Marie-du-Mont to Quinéville. From this sector the Allies wanted to take possession of the port of Cherbourg as quickly as possible.

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Tip: Visit the Utah Beach D-Day Museum that was built on the spot where the American troops landed on June 6, 1944. The museum shows in chronological order what exactly happened here.

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Coutances and Courcy

Our Bed and Breakfast is located in the commune of Courcy. The place is located in the department of Manche of the French Basse-Normandie region. Courcy is located 3 km from the city of Coutances. Coutances is the old historic capital city. Her cathedral is a masterpiece of Norman Gothic art.

Together with this work of art, there are a whole series of buildings that, at the time, left their religious mark on the local identity. It is wonderful to walk between the numerous boutiques, groceries, restaurants and terraces.

Tip: Visit the botanical garden

Hidden in the centre of Coutances is an unexpected pearl beautifully landscaped and well maintained garden. Often open at night and very nice lit.

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The Cathedral of Coutances

The Cathedral of Coutances was built at the beginning of the 13th century and is a wonderful example of Norman Gothic. In the current building, important parts of the former Romanesque cathedral from the 11th century were reused. These vestiges can still be seen under the "gothic cover" and can be visited under guidance of a guide. They will take you to the higher galleries of the choir and the central aisle, to the lantern tower, close to the gothic stained glass windows or in the old Romanesque tower.

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Jazz festival

Coutances lives every ascension weekend at the pace of jazz. In this festival world music, electro and blues are also present. Famous jazz groups, new talents, street theatre, fanfares and an amateur stage are part of the program.



Because La Manche is surrounded on three sides by the sea you would think of an ocean climate. Yet that is not entirely true. The influence of the Warm Gulf Stream is clearly noticeable. Therefore, you should not be surprised if you suddenly come face to face with palms, agaves and cork trees. The winters are mild, in January the average temperature is between 4 and 7 degrees Celcius. Frost rarely occurs. In the summer the temperatures are around 26 degrees Celsius.

Download the PDF with all attractions within our region: Tourist attractions.