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Do you know what's fun?

You can't have been in France without visiting a vide Grenier (attic clearance) flea market, or Brocante.

One is very close to us is La Cle des Temps. This shop is a covered flea market, Brocante.

You will find everything from 0.50 to 5-6000 euros from real antiques to kitsch, whole household effects of castles or houses, you will be amazed!

They have a very special price system, for example, on May 10 the seat costs 75.00 euros, on May 25 the same chair costs 62.00 euros, on May 30, 50 euros, so you can take the gamble to wait, but you runs the risk that the chair is sold

Next to the store is also a Creperie where you can drink and enjoy  the delicious crepes with homemade marmelade.

The parking lot, which is quite large, is almost always full, this shop attracts so many visitors. have fun at La Cle des Temps, route description you will receive from us it is a 5 min. cardrive.

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