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you don't die by dreaming

Our dream of living in peaceful France has come true, running a B&B has become a challenge due to Corona virus. But we do not give up, and dream on. Keeping the garden gives a therapeutic feeling, and you can dream about what you still want. Well that's quite a bit!

A swimming pool is high on the wish list, with a beautiful terrace next to it, preferably a round one, so you can continue swimming. Actually nonsense, because we are only 15 km from the coast. The bramble field must become pasture, so still fenced, and then 2 Alpacas in it! Oh so nice!

We want to realize a walking path over the entire site, you can take a "walk around" after dinner. Another big wish is swings for adults (we cater exclusive

ly for adults) we are already looking at where we will realize this. But there was a lot of overdue maintenance on the garden here, so that must all be ready first, so that you, our guests, can relax in our garden, we already have 2 rocking benches, but we are also going to expand them.

But who does not dare who does not win, and dreaming won't kill you...

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